The Secrets to Yoona, Lee Sung Kyung, and Park Shin Hye’s Bright Skin

Yoona, Lee Sung Kyung, and Park Shin Hye are artists with bright skin that are wanted my so many females. How could we attain bright skin like them?

Starting from the basic cleansing technique, we will discuss tips to have bright and hydrated skin.


Image source: Innisfree

Yoona, who just starred in the drama ‘The K2’, focuses on moisturizing to keep her skin flawless. Yoona uses skincare products that contain high SPF and moisture because her skin type is dry. She also uses minimal makeup most of the time.

Usually, actors undergo the shooting process under bright sunlight, and they have to keep moving, or they have to shoot in the car. These kind of situations cause them to always be in dry places. Therefore, moisturizing is a must. To make sure that the active ingredient in your moisturizing cream is well-absorbed, do light peeling 1-2 times in a week.

Lee Sung Kyung

Image source: MBC

To achieve a perfect skin, a thorough cleansing is the most important rule for artists. After cleansing her face, Lee Sung Kyung always uses moisturizers that are suited to the season. She revealed that in the morning, she uses moisturizers lightly, however, at night, she put bigger amount on her face. If she thinks it’s not enough, Sung Kyung will use sheet masks or wash-off masks to give her skin hydration and nutrients.

Park Shin Hye

Image source: SBS

To have a clean face, make sure that you always remove your makeup thoroughly. During shooting breaks, Park Shin Hye always wash her face and do her skincare routine. Because washing your face too often can remove the moisture in your skin, it’s important to her to use a light cleanser and wash her face quickly. When she’s removing her makeup, Park Shin Hye will use a pack that suits her skin condition on that day. However, because using pack too often will have negative effects for our skin, use it for only 5-10 minutes.