Im Si Wan, Not a Good Guy Anymore

On February 27, during the press conference for his movie ‘One Line’, Im Si Wan explained the character that he played and asked audience to anticipate the movie well.

Im Si Wan entered the entertainment industry as an idol group member back in 2010. His success as an actor started when he portrayed the role of Jang Geu Rae in tvN’s drama ‘Misaeng’, which created quite a syndrome in 2014.

Image source: tvN

For most actors, the fact that public recognize them with their characters’ names can be a compliment. Just like how people love to think that Jang Geu Rae is Im Si Wan, and vice versa. However, sometimes it can also be a burden for the actors to detach themselves from the characters’ images.

In the press conference, Im Si Wan discussed this fact by talking about the kind of images that are attached to him due to his portrayal of Jang Geu Rae. “Kindhearted like Jang Geu Rae. Innocent like Jang Geu Rae.”

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He also revealed, “Until now, I still receive a lot of offers to act as the good guy. Lot of people have also asked me whether my original personality is the same as Jang Geu Rae or not, so I think I need to play the bad guy character sometimes to let go of this kind of image. I’m not sure that it’s comfortable [always being called the good guy]. I think my personality is, somehow, a free man, someone who does not need to pretend to be kind.”

What do you think of Im Si Wan’s words, readers?

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