A Look Back at ‘Goblin’ Episode 12-2 “The Revelation of Grim Reaper’s Past Life”

Part two of episode 12 was opened with a sad story. The Grim Reaper was given the card of Duk Hwa’s grandfather’s death.

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This hit Kim Shin really hard. However, Ji Eun Tak was there to comfort him.

Duk Hwa also got really sad because his grandfather whom he loved a lot finally left him.

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Eun Tak tried to cheer him up. She summoned Kim Shin when she was in a photo box.

They took pictures of themselves with an adorable pose.

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Meanwhile, the Grim Reaper visited Sunny to return the ring. He kissed her which enabling her to remember her past. In her past life, there were Kim Shin and the Grim reaper.

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Kim Shin knew that Kasim Eunuch ghost was around him. He searched for him in order to finish him off again, but then Kasim Eunuch revealed that the grim reaper was Wang Yeo.

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After that, Kim Shin came to the grim reaper. Without thinking, he grabbed him by his neck. Then the past life of the grim reaper was revealed. He was Wang Yeo.

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