“Battleship Island” Song Joong Ki Visits the City Hall of Chuncheon

Song Joong Ki of “Descendants of the Sun”, Hwang Jung Min and So Ji Sub visited the city hall of Chuncheon, located in Gangwon-do Province, as a surprise on the 18th.

They visited the city hall in order to show their gratitude towards Chuncheon for the city’s cooperation with the filming of the movie, “Battleship Island”.


Hwang Jung Min commented that, “The filming site succeeded in bringing back the Battleship Island just as it was in the past.”

When asked whether if he had walked Chuncheon’s Seokssacheon before, Song Joong Ki replied by saying that, “I walked around the place many times because I am on a diet for my role.”


So Ji Sub also mentioned that, “The city is very quiet and nice,” showing his satisfaction with the filming site.
“Battleship Island” is currently being filmed at Chuncheon, with the former U.S. Army base Camp Page as the filming site.


The filming site reproduced the island by in which Koreans were taken to labour camps during the Japanese colonization, by bringing back the location size by up to 80%.


Not only Hwang Jung Min, So Ji Sub, Song Joong Ki and Lee Jung Hyun’s appearance in the movie but also the producing of Ryu Seung Wan, who is the producer of the movie “Veteran”, is arousing much attention from fans.

The movie will premiere next year.

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