Korean Celebrities Showed Fall Fashion Style For The Premiere of ‘Man of Will’

What kind of fashion style will be chosen by the beautiful artists? In the premiere of movie ‘Man of Will’, there was Ryu Hwa Young who completed the fall fashion with a trench coat combined with skinny jeans that reveal her body s-line. Then, Go Ah Ra chose a beige trendy coat. She wore a miniskirt to complete her fall fashion look.

Image Source : K-STAR NEWS

Son Yeo Eun who showed her remarkable performance in the drama ‘Band of Sisters’ also wore a coat for her autumn fashion selections. Im Ji Yeon wore a black-and-white one-piece for her fashion and brought the fall scene, and Lee Seon Bin added jeans to her long-checked coat and showed a casual look.

Lee Honey is also fashionable in autumn fashion, wearing a long coat. She only wore a coat on her jeans but she looked amazing. Among the actresses who show off their clothes in the fall, can be found a man similar to the autumn sky, namely Lee Je Hoon. Lee Byung Hun who turned into an autumn man by adding sunglasses to the cardinal of the vertical line also appeared.

Image Source : K-STAR NEWS

The artists showed their supports to the movie ‘Man of Will’ by attending the event showing fall fashion style. On the other hand, the movie ‘Man of Will’ will be released on October 19th.