A Look Back at ‘Goblin’ Episode 13-2 “Kim Shin Pulls Out the Sword From His Chest”

In episode 13 part 2 of ‘Goblin’ was opened by the appearance of the eunuch ghost in Sunny’s restaurant.

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It turned out that he wanted to harm her. Ji Eun Tak protected Sunny from him. He disappeared after the mark on her neck shone suddenly before she collapsed.

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Meanwhile, the Grim Reaper looked sad as he followed Sunny around. But it turned out that Sunny still remembered him. Then they parted ways.

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On the other hand, Eun Tak and Kim Shin showed their romantic side. They spent the day together and the scenes were really sweet.

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The next day, Kim Shin wanted to get rid of the eunuch. But he went after Eun Tak who couldn’t see him anymore.

Kim Shin came to help Eun Tak, but he used the chance to get into Eun Tak’s body. The grim reaper came and saved Eun Tak by calling his name thrice.

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Kim Shin pulled the sword from his chest by Eun Tak’s help. Then he killed eunuch once again with the sword.

After that, Eun Tak saw Kim Shin who got weak. Eun Tak cried when he disappeared into ashes.

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