‘Penny Pinchers’, The Movie Starring Song Joong Ki and Han Ye Sul

‘Penny Pinchers’ is a romantic-comedy movie that was released in 2011. Song Joong Ki and Han Ye Sul appear as the main characters in this movie.

Image source: CJ Entertainment

The movie tells about Jin Woong (Song Joong Ki), an unemployed man who graduated from a famous university. He didn’t have a job and wasn’t able to pay the rent for five months. Then came Hong Sil (Han Ye Sul) who lived next to him. Unlike Jin Woong, Hong Sil had a stable income even though she was just working as a hunter of second-hand items.

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Hong Sil then offered him a work and a place to live in. Then they started working together.

Image source: CJ Entertainment

This movie has a duration of 114 minutes. It has a unique plot that covers both funny and touching scenes.

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