‘One Line’ Releases the Bromance Picture of Jin Goo and Im Si Wan

On March 14, ‘One Line’ released the behind the scene still cuts of Im Si Wan and Jin Goo to celebrate White Day.

‘One Line’ is a crime movie about a college student named Min Jae (Im Si Wan) who meets the legend in the criminal world named Chief Jang (Jin Goo) then the two work together to rob a bank.

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Jin Goo successfully delivers a bromance with Song Joong Ki in ‘Descendants of the Sun’ and now he is back to show another strong bond with Im Si Wan in ‘One Line’. Chief Jang who sees the ability hidden in Min Jae to deceive people then decided to teach him how to develop it until to the point that Min Jae is on the same level as him.

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Meanwhile, ‘One Line’ will be released on March 29.

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