An Interview with the Casts of ‘Ordinary Person’

‘Ordinary Person’ movie will show special action scenes. Hyun Joo, Jang Hyuk, Kim Sang Ho, Ra Mi Ran, and Ji Seung Hyun who will appear in the movie are making the public curious about their charms in the movie.

Image source: K-star

Son Hyun Joo who is chosen as an ‘ordinary person’ by the other casts in the movie said, “If Jang Hyuk is not here then everyone will be the same. If he isn’t here then everyone is ranking 2”.

Image source: K-star

Son Hyun Joo also revealed the reason why Jang Hyuk was not ordinary. “Ever since Jang Hyuk appeared, the other actors suddenly feel nervous. I’m actually close with him, but I also still feel nervous”, said him.

Image source: K-star

In this movie, Jang Hyuk will be an antagonist character. Meanwhile, Ra Mi Ran will collaborate with So Hyun Joo as a married couple.

The special meeting with the actors in ‘Ordinary Person’ is scheduled to release on March 23.