Nam Gung Min Expressed Thanks to Fans Who Have Been Supporting ‘Chief Kim’

Actor Nam Gung Min, who has successfully wrapped up his drama ‘Chief Kim’, expressed his thanks to fans.

Image source: KBS

On March 31, Nam Gung Min delivered his thanks through SNS. “Today is the last day of filming with KBS’ ‘Chief Kim’ team. Thank you for the support.”

‘Chief Kim’ ended with Kim Sung Ryong (Nam Gung Min) and Seo Yool punishing Director Park Hyun Do for his evil deeds.

Image source: KBS

At the end of the drama, Seo Yool became a prosecutor while Sung Ryong was offered to be an informant in the General Attorney Office.

With the performance of brilliant actors like Nam Gung Min and Jun Ho of 2PM, ‘Chief Kim’ became one of the best dramas in 2017.

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