The File of “Train to Busan”‘s Prequel “Seoul Station” Leaked in Taiwan, Loss of 5.6 Billion Won

A college student who works as a model in Taiwan is going to be charged for leaking the file of the movie ‘Seoul Station’, which is a prequel to ‘Train to Busan”.

According to ET Today Taiwan, on October 5th, Ms. Li was accused of leaking the file.


She posted the video file on her personal Facebook account privately, sharing it with her friends. The views of the video reached 590,000 views. She stated that, “I just wanted to share the movie with my friends.” She was supposedly unaware of her actions going against the law.

The local distributor of ‘Seoul Station’ states that a single ticket to the movie is worth 2.7 million Taiwan Dollars, and as the number of views for the post is 590,000, the accumulation of the total loss amounts to 5.6 billion Won. The distributor will sue Ms. Li for compensation of loss.

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