Yang Hyun Suk and Bigbang’s Seungri Chemistry at ‘Mix Nine’ Press Conference

Big Bang Seungri has become the natural enemy of his agency chief, Yang Hyun Suk. Yang Hyun Suk becomes the judge of the audition program. Seungri attended the press conference of ‘Mix Nine’. Yang Hyun Suk could not help but smile hearing him.

This is not the end of Seungri and Yang Hyun Suk. There are still many sensitive questions which made Yang Hyun Suk feel difficult. Seungri asked, “I’m very curious to know, this is not on the question list, but how to act and how to get out after nine people have been selected.” Yang Hyun Suk replied, “Actually, this is the most sensitive question and this is asked by Seungri.” This made people laugh.

Is Seungri able to avoid Yang Hyun Suk’s scolding today? The unique chemistry between a singer and a company representative who is being hunted down will continue on ‘Mix Nine’.