Park Bo Young’s Excellent Chemistry with Her Co-Stars: Song Joong Ki, Jo Jung Suk, and Park Hyung Sik

Park Bo Young’s strength in acting is her ability to build an excellent chemistry with her co-stars. Whenever she stars in a drama/movie, Park Bo Young could create a unique chemistry with her male lead. Who are the list of male leads who had displayed amazing chemistry with Park Bo Young?

Song Joong Ki, in ‘A Werewolf Boy’

Image Source : CJ Entertainment

Park Bo Young and Song Joong Ki’s chemistry in ‘A Werewolf Boy’ was out of the roof. A lot of people even said that they look similar with each other. In this movie, Park Bo Young, a girl who lives in a village, finds a werewolf (Song Joong Ki) and falls in love with him. ‘A Werewolf Boy’ has a quite strong element of fantasy.

Jo Jung Suk, in ‘Oh My Ghost’

Image Source : tvN

In ‘Oh My Ghost’, Park Bo Young’s character is Na Bong Sun, a woman chef who’s haunted by a ghost. She played two characters with different personalities: Na Bong Sun and the ghost. Park Bo Young displayed a lovely chemistry with Jo Jung Suk, the drama’s male lead.

Park Hyung Sik, in ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’

Image Source : JTBC

Though this drama is another romantic-comedy, Park Bo Young’s character is this drama is quite unique. Do Bong Soon is a girl who possesses an extraordinary strength despite having a small and lithe figure. Ahn Min Hyuk, played by Park Hyung Sik, falls in love with Bong Soon. Fans and viewers ship this couple because of their apparent chemistry as Bong Bong and Min Min. Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik even earned a nickname, ‘Puppy Couple’.

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