Suzy: “With This Short Hair, I Want to Show My Real Appearance More Than Looking Pretty”

Suzy who is currently busy with the filming of ‘While You Were Sleeping’ appears in a fashion magazine, Dazed Korea.

Image source: Dazed

After cutting her hair short, Suzy revealed, “It’s fun to have a photoshoot with this short hair of mine. The photoshoot with Dazed magazine is always fun. I want to show my appearance like this more than looking pretty. That’s why I appear with light makeup and let my hair to fall loose just like a boy who doesn’t care about his appearance at all.”

Image source: Dazed

Regarding her character, Hong Joo, who can see a frightening future through dreams in the drama ‘While You Were Sleeping’, she said, “Hong Joo is a figure who can fall asleep and get drunk easily. She is really cheerful and noisy. Although she is powerless whenever she dreams of a horrible event, but after meeting Jae Chan (Lee Jong Suk) she finds her hope and finally becomes more active, just like a character who keeps living by moving forward.”

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