Recent Conference Press of JTBC ‘Man to Man’

Hallyu Star Park Hae Jin makes a comeback through ‘Man to Man’ after last appeared in ‘Cheese In The Trap’. On April 18, JTBC’s new drama ‘Man to Man’ which is featuring Park Hae Jin just held a conference press. This drama is a 100% pre-production drama and it has completed the filming process. Park Hae Jin said that nowadays pre-production drama did not get a good response, but he is sure he can change it through this drama.

Image source: K STAR

Not only Park Hae Jin, this drama also stars Park Sung Woong, Kim Min Jung, Yeon Jeong Hyun, and more. This drama has been attracting public attention because it’s directed by ‘Remember’ Lee Chang Min and ‘Descendant of The Sun’ screenwriter Kim Won Suk. Park Hae Jin plays the role of Kim Sul Woo, a ‘ghost agent’ who has amazing skills in disguising himself. The Friday-Saturday JTBC’s drama, ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’, is a huge hit on the market. It seems like Park Hae Jin is carrying a heavy burden to follow the steps.

Image source: K STAR

Park Hae Jin and Kim Min Jung who have a love story in the drama also attracted attention with their matching outfits at yesterday’s press conference. Park Hae Jin mentioned that one of the main points to look forward to this drama is because of its love story. Park Sung Woong became the representative of the casts of the drama when they were asked about the expectations of the audience rating. If the rating is more than 10% then he will do a charity work which he actually often does as well.

Image source: K STAR

This drama is increasingly attracting public attention as it can be watched worldwide through Netflix. This drama can be seen live on the same day as its broadcast in Korea via the app. ‘Man to Man’ will start airing on 21st of April.