Jun Ho’s Heart Flutters because of Kim Woo Bin?

On April 19, Lee Jun Ho of 2PM appeared in MBC ‘Radio Star’.

In this episode, Jun Ho talked about Kim Woo Bin, his ‘Twenty’ co-star. Jun Ho revealed that there was one moment where Kim Woo Bin made his heart flutter.

Image source: MBC

“I cannot open my eyes when the sun is shining. Then Kim Woo Bin came to me and shielded the sunlight from my eyes with his body.” He said. “At that moment, I thought, ‘Wah, he looked like he’s protecting a girl from a passing car’. My heart then pounded strongly.” Not only that, Jun Ho then added, “Kim Woo Bin also showed his affectionate side when we ate food together.”

Image source: MBC

Not only Kim Woo Bin, Jun Ho also mentioned his ‘Cold Eyes’ co-star. “He has a very big house with a high ceiling. I envy him because of that.”

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