The Virtual Casting of ‘Power Rangers’ Featuring Song Joong Ki, Park Bo Young, and Ryu Jun Yeol?

The Korean version of ‘Power Rangers: The Beginning’ movie released its virtual casting.

‘Power Rangers: The Beginning’ tells the story of Power Rangers who were born with a superhuman power to stop evil things from happening. This movie has been creating its syndrome all around the world, so this Korean virtual casting is grabbing attention.

Image source: NEW

Through NEW’s official Facebook account from April 10th to 17th, the virtual casting of the movie resulted in Song Joong Ki as the Red Ranger, Seo Hyun Jin as the Pink Ranger, Im Siwan as the Blue Ranger, Park Bo Young as the Yellow Ranger, and Ryu Jun Yeol as the Black Ranger.

This virtual casting of ‘Power Rangers’ has been becoming a hot topic, while the ‘Power Rangers’ movie itself premiered on April 20th in Korea.

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