‘Circle’ Brings Bromance between Kim Kang Woo and Lee Gi Kwang

On May 5, tvN’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama, ‘Circle’, which will start airing on May 22 released the still cut of Kim Kang Woo (Kim Joon Hyuk) and Lee Gi Kwang (Lee Ho Soo)’s bromance chemistry.

‘Circle’ is a Science Fiction drama with Korea in 2017 and 2037 as the background. The drama carries the latest genre of ‘double track’ and does not feature current and future time slippage stories, but shows different stories at two different times. This time, tvN for the first time tries a different genre that has been impatiently anticipated by the public.

Image source: tvN

In the released photo, Kim Kang Woo is seen wearing black clothes and Lee Gi Kwang wearing white clothes, they are showing a different charm. Kim Kang Woo looks indifferent but still appears charismatic, while Lee Gi Kwang looks calm. They show two very different characters.

Kim Kang Woo and Lee Gi Kwang will appear in 2037 background. Kim Kang Woo plays a smart detective from the future named Kim Joon Hyuk.

Image source: tvN

Lee Ho Soo played by Lee Gi Kwang is a smart government employee. He’s a character who can maintain the stability of the smart city with a good control over his own emotions, he has a regular life; a human who is like an android. In the area where he served there was a murder case so he was assigned to solve the case along with Kim Joon Hyuk. It brings Kim Joon Hyuk to reveal the truth about the real smart city.

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