Tak Jae Hoon Becomes the MC of K STAR ‘I Am the Actor’

Tak Jae Hoon will guide the actor-dol in the newest entertainment show, ‘I Am The Actor. Tak Jae Hoon’s appearance along with the 8 actor-dol has been awaited by the public.

Image source: K STAR

One of the reasons why Tak Jae Hoon will train the actor-dol is because he is one of the ‘first generation actor-dol’. As a senior, he really understands his juniors. Not only that, he is also a senior who likes to play with his juniors.

Image source: K STAR

On that day, Tak Jae Hoon’s playful target is Madtown’s Jo Ta. Jo Ta’s voice grows quieter after being disturbed by his seniors. The two cute MCs, Tak Jae Hoon and Jo Woo Jong, along with 8 idols will be included in the entertainment program ‘I am The Actor’. Their refreshing appearance as an actor can be watched every Tuesday at 6 pm on K STAR channel