‘Man to Man’ Park Hae Jin Increases the Rating Through His Romance?

‘Man to Man’ begins with the opening of a full-scale wood carving operation, the conspiracy of Seol Woo and Do Ha makes viewers unable to sleep and their ratings are slowly rising.

Episode 5 of JTBC ‘Man to Man’ aired on May 5th. In the first woodcarving pursuit, Kim Seol Woo (Park Hae Jin)’s love affair flourished. Being the bodyguard of a Hallyu star named Yeo Un Kwang (Park Sung Woong), Seol Woo knew the facts about the woodcarving ‘golden finger’ operation of Cha Do Ha (Kim Min Jung)’s father, Cha Myung Suk (Kim Byung Se) and changed the operation quickly.

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In order to win Do Ha’s heart, Seol Woo was in a hurry in developing a relationship with a high-class party. Do Ha was confused and to make sure of her feelings, she kissed Seol Woo first. Of course, Do Ha and the unpleasant mission of Seol Woo sparked a romance between them.

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Seol Woo returned to be a bodyguard and rediscovered the bromance with Un Kwang. Hearing “Guard Kim Go Go Go”, Un Kwang returned and sensed a strange atmosphere between Seol Woo and Do Ha. Then he tried to help the two to unite. It brought laughter to the audience.

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To protect the woodcarving, National Intelligence Service and Congress Baek started their team play. The anger of the real villain, Mo Seung Jae (Yeon Jung Hoon) the third generation of the Songsan Group heir who confronted NIS, brought Seol Woo into an emergency. Baek team’s Ghost agent Seo Gi Chul (Tae In Ho) betrayed congressman Baek In Soo (Chun Ho Jin) and moved on to Seung Jae’s side. Under Seung Jae’s instruction, Seo Gi Chul targetted his gun to Dong Hyun and Seol Woo and there was a firefight. Then Seol Woo checked the identity of the man who became the mastermind of Un Kwang’s accident and increased the tension in the story.

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