‘The Merciless’ Released the Still Cuts of Im Si Wan

The still cuts of Im Si Wan who was invited to the 70th Cannes International Film Festival in the movie ‘The Merciless’ are released.

Image source: CJ Entertainment

Im Si Wan’s transformation into a masculine man in ‘The Merciless’ attracts public attention. In the released still cuts pictures, Im Si Wan’s masculine image can strongly be felt through the picture which shows his bare torso. Im Si Wan plays as Hyun Soo, a villain who is not afraid of anything and competes with Jae Ho.

Image source: CJ Entertainment

Im Si Wan did a special training to build the character ‘Hyun Soo’ more real. Thanks to that, he gets the perfect muscle that can be seen in the still cut picture. The scene of Im Si Wan with half of his body exposed becomes one of the charms that managed to attract the hearts of women.

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