Suzy, Seol Hyun, Jung Chae Yeon, and Kim Go Eun’s Secrets to Achieve A Beautiful Skin?

Suzy, Seolhyun, Jung Chae Yeon, and Kim Go Eun share a similarity among them, they all own a honey-like skin.

Let’s discover the secrets behind the soft skin of the singers and actresses!

Suzy: “Clean thoroughly then use serum”

Image Source : Cosmopolitan

In the show SBS ‘Night of TV Entertainment’ she talked about her skin treatments routine, “cleanse it thoroughly. Cleaning alone takes more than 10 minutes.”

She responded to the question “What if the face has red nodules?” by answering, “clean it for 20 minutes. Concentrate. I focus my attention on the know-how knowledge”.

She added, after cleansing her skin, she used non-skin serum, and explained that using serum is very effective for anti-aging and keratinization.

“Beauty is enough sleep” – Seol Hyun

Image Source : High Cut

Seol Hyun received a lot of questions about how she takes care of her skin and replied, “It may sound cliche but I drink lots of water and sleep well”.

Seol Hyun said, “this is my personal experience. Because of the packed schedule, I cannot sleep, but one day I slept soundly and my skin felt good.”

Jung Chae Yeon: “Eat fruit and don’t eat oily food”

Image Source : bnt

In a magazine interview with Jung Chae Yeon, she uttered, “I drink a lot of water and avoid oily food. I don’t have any problem with consuming a lot of fruit”, she said explaining how to care for the skin.

Among Jung Chae Yeon’s friends, it is said that she has a skin that is white.

“1 pack 1 day” – Kim Go Eun

Image Source : Cosmopolitan

Kim Go Eun who plays perfectly as Ji Eun Tak in tvN ‘Goblin’, came to KBS2 ‘Happy Together’ and revealed about 1 pack skin care (mask) per 1 day.

“While filming dramas WE use makeup for a long time so the skin is also affected. Then I find out on the internet, an entertainer is obliged to use 1 packet of mask per day. I guess it should be once a week, and then I start to wear it regularly. Better late than never”, she said.

If you can follow the steps like Kim Go Eun, wouldn’t your skin become softer and healthier?