Main Screen → Small Screen, will 2018 be Hyun Bin’s year?

From the main screen to the small screen, actor Hyung Bin is now well-prepared to entertain his fans.

Hyun Bin became the talk of the town through his movie ‘Confidential Assignment’ and ‘The Swindlers’ and he will returned to the small screen in 2018. He has confirmed his appearance in small screen through his drama ‘Memories of Alhambra’.

image source: Showbox, CJ Entertainment

‘Memories of Alhambra’ told a story of the main lead Yoo Jin Woo who went to Granada and experiences a lot of strange things after meeting with the hostel owner Jung Hee Joo.

Hyun Bin will play a role of a successful business man and a CEO Yoo Jin Woo who is very talente din leading and has a big will to win anything he could. Yoo Jin Woo is a man full of passion and spirit for adventures. His life started to go to unexpected path after he got himself involved in a incidents on his business trip in Granada, Spain after he was betrayed by his own best friend.

image source: Rogatis

Hyun Bin has returned with the melodrama fantasy that made the viewers couldn’t wait to see his new drama. Hyun Bin successfully captured the female viewers heart through his appearance in ‘Ireland’ (2004), ‘My Name is Kim Sam Soon (2005), ‘The Snow Queen’, ‘Worlds Within’ but of all the works, his most famous works is a ‘Secret Garden’. Hyun bin played the role of a millionaire Kim Joo Won who accidentally exchanged souls with a woman named Gil Ra Im. Because Joo Won’s character, Hyun Bin successfully captured viewers heart and became a top star.

image source: KBS, SBS

As a result, ‘Memories of Alhambra’ is a combination of Melodrama and fantasy and this is one of Hyun Bin’s long-awaited work. Especially since ‘Memories of Alhambra’ is written by a writer who has been known for his past works.

Agency of Hyun Bin, VAST said that “’Memories of Alhambra’ is a combination of action, melodrama, fantasy and mystery.”

Also this year, Hyun Bin’s new year entitled ‘Outbreak’ and ‘Negotiations’ will be released soon.

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