Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun’s Chemistry in First Episode of ‘Suspicious Partner’

The first episode of SBS Wed-Thu drama on May 10 showed Ji Chang Wook (No Ji Wook) and an apprentice prosecutor Nam Ji Hyun (Eun Bong Hee) who met again.

Their first encounter was very embarrassing. On the train, the two accidentally met and there was a misunderstanding which then led Eun Bong Hee to think that No Ji Wook as a pervert.

Image Source : SBS

Nam Ji Hyun who got the message that her boyfriend, Hwang Chan Sung, cheated on her was asked to come to the hotel. It turned out that the message was right. Hwang Chan Sung tried to defend himself but Nam Ji Hyun didn’t listen to him. Nam Ji Hyun said, “I’m the one who will decide whether we will break up or not. To make it fair, I’ll also consider our relationship as just a one-night-stand. After I walk out from here, I’ll sleep with the first guy I met”. She walked out then and met Ji Chang Wook.

Image Source : SBS
Image Source : SBS

Nam Ji Hyun asked, “do you want to sleep with me?” and Ji Chang Wook responded, “Alright. Let’s sleep together”, and took her out. After drinking together, the next day Nam Ji Hyun who was just waking up was shocked to see herself and quickly got out. Nam Ji Hyun who was drunk wanted to erase the memory from that day without wanting to find out what happened between her and Ji Chang Wook.

Not only that, Nam Ji Hyun, who was still a student then got Ji Chang Wook as her trainer to be a prosecutor. On the same day, Ji Chang Wook told her not to meet him as a suspect and to call him with ‘Sir’. A day before the lights went out in Nam Ji Hyun’s neighborhood, her ex-boyfriend, Hwang Chan Sung was found bleeding in Nam Ji Hyun’s house. Ji Chang Wook who faced Nam Ji Hyun as the suspect then said, “I’ve told you, I’m a tough prosecutor”.

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