AOA Seol Hyun is Offered a Role as Jo In Sung’s Sister in ‘Ansi Fortress’

Will AOA Seol Hyun and Jo In Sung play in one movie together? After playing as Lee Min Ho’s sister, Seol Hyun is now offered to play as Jo In Sung’s sister.

On May 17th, Seol Hyun’s agency said, “Seol Hyun got an offer from the movie ‘Ansi Fortress’. It’s still under discussion.”

Image source: HIGH CUT

‘Ansi Fortress’ is a large-scale colossal film telling the story of the war between Yang Man Chun and Goguryeo’s army against Ansi Fortress, who attacked Tang Country. Jo In Sung himself will play Yang Man Chun in this movie.

If Seol Hyun accepts this offer, this film will be her comeback after palying in ‘Gangnam 1970’ two years ago. In the film, Seol Hyun played as Lee Min Ho’s sister. Seol Hyun’s innocent and innocent appearance in the film at that time managed to attract the attention of the audience.

Image source: J.HALL

Now the public is wondering whether Seol Hyun will actually accept the offer. At the moment, the member of girl group AOA is still heavily busy with her group’s activities.

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