Song Joong Ki’s 2 Minutes Appearance as A Cameo in ‘Man to Man’

Actor Song Joong Ki’s appearance for 2 minutes in ‘Man to Man’ is certainly cannot be missed. On May 19th, in episode 9 of JTBC ‘Man to Man’, Seol Woo (Park Hae Jin), Un Kwang (Park Seong Woong) and Cha Do Ha (Kim Min Jung) conducted an operation for the first time to save Cha Do Ha’s father and to obtain the second wood carving.

In this episode, there was a cameo whose presence is highly anticipated. He was Song Joong Ki who played as Yoo Si Jin in the drama ‘Descendants of the Sun’ who was able to melt the hearts of the female viewers.

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His next work isn’t a drama, but a movie named ‘Battleship Island’. Because it’s no longer easy to see him on the screen, the short appearance of Song Joong Ki can provide a great happiness for his fans. Because of his relationship with the writer of ‘Descendants of the Sun’ Kim Eun Suk and co-author Kim Won Suk, Song Joong Ki appeared in ‘Man to Man’ as a cameo.

Image Source: JTBC

Song Joong Ki plays as a bank officer in ‘Man to Man’. Seol Woo needed money to run the operation and he borrowed $ 5,000,000 from Un Kwang. He said it was difficult to get funds from NIS and he needed money for their operation. 5 million dollars would be enough to clear the name of Cha Do Ha’s father and got the second wood carving.

Un Kwang initially would calmly lend the money. Un Kwang and Seol Woo came to the bank to transfer the money and both meet Song Joong Ki as a bank clerk who served them both.

Image Source: JTBC

Song Joong Ki appeared with a beautiful smile while wearing a by using a uniform that successfully stole the viewers’ attention. Seol Woo and Un Kwang were seen debating about 5 million dollars while Song Joong Ki smiled to both of them. We can watch Song Joong Ki’s performance in the drama after ‘Descendants of the Sun’. His appearance as a cameo though only 2 minutes and very limited is still very entertaining.

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