‘Man to Man’ Park Hae Jin and Kim Min Jung, Will They Become A Real Couple?

In recent episode of JTBC ‘Man to Man’, Kim Seol Woo (Park Hae Jin) held the second wooden carving in his hand. Seol Woo was assisted by Yeo Woon Kwang (Park Sung Woong) and Cha Do Ha (Kim Min Jung) to complete the mission safely.

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Seo Ki Cheol’s car then exploded. Apparently, the explosion made Seol Woo to hide Ki Cheol’s death. Seol Woo told Ki Cheol when he found all the woodcarvings, he would call him as a witness.

However, this explosion turned into a terrorist incident involving NIS agents, Mo Seung Jae and Baek Eui Won, resulting in Seol Woo, Woon Kwang, even Do Ha getting into his trap.

Do Ha and Seol Woo were walking down the aisle saying that they seemed to be followed, and Do Ha said that they could perform a lover operation.

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Seol Woo who felt embarrassed of the sudden turn of event, managed to catch her. He said, “Let’s do the operation,” and he gave a deep kiss and marked the start of their full-scale romance.

Then Seol Woo said, “Make this operation look real,” then he put on a couple ring and treated Do Ha like a lover. With this operation, the two people who united their feelings made the audience curious about the development of ‘Man to Man’.

On the other hand, Woon Kwang, who borrowed 5 million and participated in Seol Woo’s operation, worried he wouldn’t accept the money. Woon Kwang told Seol Woo, “Though the State drove you out, but I hold you back until the money is earned,” while smiling.

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Nam Goong Min, who is a surprise actor with a strange personality, adds the fun to ‘Man to Man’.

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