An Interview with Hyun Woo, the Icon of ‘Attentive Boyfriend’ in Dramas

Recently, KSTAR did an interview with actor Hyun Woo, displayed a refreshing first love with Lee Se Young in ‘The Gentleman of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop’.

Image source: K STAR

Hyun Woo’s affectionate attitude toward his girlfriend, as well as his girlfriend’s family, captured the hearts of women viewers. The actor revealed the reason to why he was successful in portraying the character. “I’m used to treating my parents well, that’s why I always treat my friend’s family well too.”

Hyun Woo also talked about his target as an actor. “I want to keep improving. I want to try playing the bad guy. Actually, it must be nice to play a lof of different roles. If possible, I want to explore a lot of it.”

Image source: K STAR

“I want to keep acting and meet my fans. That’s why I keep looking for new opportunities to meet fans through various works. I hope you can always anticipate my performance.”

We will be waiting for Hyun Woo in different roles.