Ji Chang Wook’s Syndrome in Korea, China, and Japan

Actor Ji Chang Wook proves his strength as a famous Hallyu star.

Ji Chang Wook is currently gaining a success in Korea through the movie ‘Fabricated City’ and SBS’ drama, ‘Suspicious Partner’. He also received a good response in Japan through the drama’ THE K2′.

Image source: tvN

Ji Chang Wook has previously greeted his fans in Japan through various works, and now Ji Chang Wook’s drama, ‘THE K2’, is aired on Mnet Japan.

Currently, the limited edition of the DVD has been released and the general sale of the DVD will soon be launched. This drama is placed in the 3rd place in Amazo rankings which shows its success.

Not only Mnet Japan, various other Hallyu channels decided to broadcast ‘THE K2’ until next year. Fuji Channel will feature Ji Chang Wook’s special shows starting next July, including five dramas of Ji Chang Wook, ‘My too Perfect Son’, ‘Smile Again’, ‘Bachelor’s Vegetable Store’, ‘Five Fingers’, and ‘Healer’.

Image source: SBS

Ji Chang Wook’s success in China is also remarkable. Ji Chang Wook is loved by the Chinese public through drama ‘Empress Ki’ and ‘Healer’, after which he managed to expand his wings in Chinese drama ‘Tornado Girl 2’.

It proves Ji Chang Wook’s popularity as a ‘Hallyu Star’ in China, Japan, and other Asian countries. Moreover, Ji Chang Wook fans in Indonesia are reportedly trying to get Ji Chang Wook to hold a fan meeting in the country. There is no doubt, now that Ji Chang Wook is stealing the worldwide attention.

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