Actors Who Have Flawless Skin Making Everyone Jealous

To appear on television, the actors need to have a beautiful appearance. One of the main attraction that is often discussed by female fans is the skin. The following actors have a white, smoot and clean skin, making both female and male fans evious. Who are they?

1. Lee Jong Suk

Image Source: SKIN FOOD, HAPSODE, Instagram

It’s no secret that Lee Jong Suk has really beautiful skin. Not only white and clean, but Lee Jong Suk’s skin also looks very smooth as without blemish. That’s why Lee Jong Suk also often accepted offers to be a model of some skin-care ads like, SKINFOOD and HAPSODE.

2. Kim Soo Hyun

Image Source: BEYOND, Instagram

Kim Soo Hyun has been in many advertisings of skin care products such as THE FACE SHOP and BEYOND. He became a representation of various brands to show bright and healthy skin. Kim Soo Hyun’s skin is bright and flawless and looks like a newborn baby skin. This is one attraction that not only makes men but women jealous.

3. Ji Chang Wook

Image Source: 24 MIRACLE, SBS

Although Ji Chang Wook’s experience in the world of skin care advertising is not so much, you would agree that Ji Chang Wook’s skin can really make you jealous. Ji Chang Wook’s skin is both white and clean. We cannot see any flaw in him, therefore he also becomes one of the stars whom people love.

4. Lee Dong Wook

Image Source: ARENA, tvN

His milky white skin is what makes Lee Dong Wook suitable to play the role of the angel of death in the drama ‘Goblin’. Lee Dong Wook has pale white skin and looks very smooth. Lee Dong Wook’s flawless skin increases interests and makes female fans amazed.