SISTAR to Release Their Last Song on May 31

Girl group SISTAR (Hyo Rin, Bo Ra, So You, Da Som) officially disbanded.

Image source: Starship Entertainment

On May 23, Starship Entertainment announced the disbandment of SISTAR and the end of their contract in June. SISTAR’s last single will be released on May 31st.

The members of SISTAR finally decided to pursue their respective careers. The next contract is still in the discussion phase.

SISTAR notified the news of the disbandment with a handwritten letter uploaded on their fan café. They conveyed their feelings through the message that their fans have given them the most beautiful memories and saying “Sorry and thank you”.

Image source: Starship Entertainment

SISTAR who debuted with the song ‘Push Push’ on June 3, 2010, gets the public love with their healthy body image. They also have a variety of successful songs, such as ‘Give it to me’, ‘Touch My Body’, ‘Shake it’, ‘I Like That’, and more.

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