Ryu Jun Yeol Joins the ‘GO firefighter’ Challenge

Actor Ryu Jun Yeol follows Jung Woo Sung’s move and participates in the ‘GO firefighter’ challenge.

Ryu Jun Yeol’s ‘GO firefighter’ challenge was aired via Facebook live on May 22nd.

Image source: C-JeS

He said, “I am actor Ryu Jun Yeol. Now I’m in Gangnam firefighters. I think we can stay safe day and night thanks to the firefighters”.

“I’m standing here to participate in the ‘GO firefighter’ campaign. I am happy to participate in this campaign after senior Jung Woo Sung conveyed his challenge to me”.

He continued, “I decided to participate in this campaign. The reason I was covered with flour is to feel the experience of the firefighters while on duty. I hope many people support this campaign”.

Image source: C-JeS

He concluded with, “I recommend Senior Yoo Ji Tae to accept this challenge. I feel this kind of campaign has a noble and unforgettable meaning”.

Meanwhile, ‘GO firefighter’ is a campaign to support Korean firefighters which try to feel the hard work of the firefighters by using flour.

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