Yook Sung Jae: “Starring in ‘Goblin’ Boosts My Confidence”

BTOB Yook Sung Jae shows his growing confidence. Fashion media ‘ELLE’ on May 26th did a photo shoot as well as an interview with Yook Sung Jae.

Yook Sung Jae is one of BTOB members and is active as an actor. By using a white T-shirt and jeans, jackets and other simple items, this style of photo shoot shows the fresh boyish look.

Image Source: ELLE

After completing the latest album activity ‘Feel’eM’ Yook Sung Jae revealed “I think, I show a short intensity. Since the ‘BTOB Vol.1’ project started last month, I wanted to show you something new”. The news about his solo project is clearly anticipated.

Image Source: ELLE

He also gets questions about his work as an actor and gained popularity thanks to the drama ‘Goblin’. “Everyone on the set taught me a lot. I went to the artist workshop and wondered then started learning how to act. I learned a lot, it seems like I’m becoming more confident. Looks like this time I can more openly express myself”, said Yook Sung Jae who talked about acting passionately.

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