New Brides Cha Ye Ryun and Jo Yoon Hee Boast about Their Husbands

On the 25th of May, Joo Sang Wook and Cha Ye Ryun get married. In an interview, Joo Sang Wook revealed, “We met at least 480 days among the 500 days we’ve been dating so far. A year and a half seems like five or six years already. During the 350th meeting or so, I already knew that I want to marry this woman.”

Image Source : 1st Look Magazine

At a wedding press conference that preceded the ceremony, Cha Ye Ryun talked about Joo Sang Wook’s patience. She was asked ‘Do you guys quarrel while preparing for this wedding?’, and she replied, “A lot of people who will get married fight when preparing the wedding, but we do not fight that much. Joo Sang Wook is the husband that suits me as he is a very generous person. He agrees with everything I think and prepare,” proudly boasting her husband.

There is another actress who boasts her husband, which is Jo Yoon Hee. The couple have not held a marriage ceremony, but they are already legally married. In her own show on KBS Cool FM ‘Raise Volume’, Jo Yoon Hee said that Lee Dong Gun is a ‘royal king’.

Image Source : SURE Magazine

Jo Yoon Hee also thanked Lee Dong Gun for coming to her radio show. Actually, in that moment, Lee Dong Gun also showed the kind of attitude that said, ‘I will follow any of Jo Yoon Hee’s opinion’ when appearing in ‘Raise Volume’.

Then on the latest broadcast of her radio show, Jo Yoon Hee boasted about Lee Dong Gun again. “In order for me not to be called in the event of a wife’s absence, he often calls me.”

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