Ji Chang Wook Finally Admits His Feelings for Nam Ji Hyun in ‘Suspicious Partner’?

The gaze of a man in love must be different. On May 31st, in SBS ‘Suspicious Partner’ No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) could be seen returning home with an exhausted demeanour.

Image Source : SBS

Previously, Ji Wook has rejected Bong Hee’s confession for him. Because of it, Bong Hee got a little annoyed when Ji Wook started to treat her nicely. “Do not do it. You asked me not to like you, so do not treat me well like this,” Bong Hee told Ji Wook. But the audience already knew that Ji Wook also likes Bong Hee.

Image Source : SBS

That day, Ji Wook, whose eyes were closed, knew that Bong Hee was loosening his tie, then he opened his eyes. “Believe me, I’m just trying to get rid of your tie,” said Bong Hee, looking surprised. Ji Wook then grabbed Bong Hee’s arm, “I’m sorry, but just stay by my side for five minutes.” Ji-Wook gazed at her gently.

Image Source : SBS

Bong Hee sat in front of him, then after Ji-wook felt sure that she was not going anywhere, he bowed down. He simply stared at Bong Hee as if he was conveying the ‘I also like you’ message. That day, Ji Wook’s gaze on the screen began to make the hearts of women viewers pound.

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