Will Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum’s Bromance Continue in 2017?

2016 ended heartwarmingly. 2016’s most popular Hallyu stars showed tears for each other’s efforts.

In the “2016 KBS Drama Awards”, which was held on the last day of 2016, Song Joong Ki received the Grand Prize, and Park Bo Gum received the Top Excellence Award. The friendship and consideration between the two highlighted the event.

The reason why they cried for each other’s achievements is that they have commonly went through the difficulties of an acting career. Park Bo Gum said that, “It is of my greatest honor to receive this award. If it had not been for the help of my seniors, I would not have been able to come this far. It is indeed a happy way to end the year.” He also mentioned Song Joong Ki’s name during his speech. Song Joong Ki replied by saying that, “Bo Gum surely made me cry.”

The way to fame for the two was not easy. Song Joong Ki earned popularity by appearing in KBS drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”, SBS drama “Tree With Deep Roots”, movie “A Werewolf Boy” and drama “Descendants of The Sun”. Meanwhile, Park Bo Gum appeared in KBS2 “Bridal Mask”, film “Coin Locker Girl”, drama “Reply 1988” and KBS2 drama “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds”.

Although they have been working at different sectors of the industry, their friendship allowed both of them to become Hallyu stars. One official at the industry said that, “The two are not competitors. They are like brothers that actually care about each other. That is why truthfulness could be seen in their tears.”


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