Kim Se Jeong is Confirmed as the Female Lead of ‘School 2017’

Gugudan’s Kim Se Jeong has been confirmed to be playing in the drama ‘School 2017’.Kim Se Jeong will play as a character named Ra Eun Ho in ‘School 2017’, which will follow ‘Fight for My Way’.

Many Korean big stars are graduates of the ‘School Series’, therefore, each new season from the series had always attracted public’s attention. In the upcoming season, Kim Se Jeong will occupy the position of the female lead role.

Image source: 1st Look

Kim Se Jong’s character, Ra Eun Ho, is a high school girl who dreams of becoming a college couple together with her first love. She made it into her dream university thanks to her writing web-toon talent. She collects the material for her web-toon from her daily life as a high school student.

Kim Se Jeong got the title as ‘God Se Jeong’ through her talent, ranging from music as a ‘Gugudan’ member, to guiding an event as an MC. Kim Se Jeong, who has the image of a young girl that is full of energy will try acting for the first time in ‘School 2017’.

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