Park Min Young Opens The Serious Part of ‘Seven Day Queen’

Actress Park Min Young begins to open the serious part in the drama ‘Seven Day Queen’. On June 8 in KBS 2TV ‘Seven Day Queen’ episode 4, Shin Chae Kyung (Park Min Young) shows an innocent, cheerful figure, and hides a deep sadness from the young Shin Chae Kyung and gets the viewer’s attention.

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Park Min Young’s cheerful and unique character like this also gives an impression that she is longing for her first love in her childhood. She thinks Yeon Woo Jin (Lee Yeok) is dead and even attends his funeral, though she still awaits him with the promise that Lee Yeok will one day come back. Park Min Young gives a very detailed acting, making us sympathetic to the sad love story in her heart.

In episode one, Park Min Young who is ready to be executed to death is able to control the atmosphere and gives a strong impact even though her appearance lasts for only 3 minutes. Therefore, Park Min Young’s presence is expected to transform into a gray queen figure and adds anticipation to her colorful appearance.

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Park Min Young will earnestly express the dramatic life of a queen with her subtle feelings and act. The character that really exists, yet boldly exceeds anyone in the love and destiny of adulthood in childhood to the inner maturity, ‘Shin Chae Kyung’ played by Park Min Young has attracted attention.

In addition, the beautiful hanbok worn by Park Min Young became the topic of conversation. Although the situation focuses on the sad and melancholy story between Lee Dong Gun (Lee Yong) and Yeon Woo Jin (Lee Yeok), it still gives a good impression.

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Although she only appeared in a short time, her acting has given a deep impression and received many praises through the ‘Seven Day Queen’, she is also anticipated to have a leading role in creating historical drama syndrome.

With Park Min Young’s presence, KBS 2TV ‘Seven Day Queen’ gives quite a strong impression and it airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 PM KST.

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