Kim Eun Sook Is Crowned As Top Screenwriter in Korea

Today, many viewers want to watch the drama after knowing who is the screenwriter of the drama, not just knowing the actors. The acting of the actors and the story created by the author are the important key of a drama.

Public entitled the screenwriter of ‘Goblin’, Kim Eun Sook, to be the no.1 screenwriter.

Image source: KBS, tvN

On June 8, PMI online media said, “Out of 2,400 male and female respondents aged 20-50 years, 42.6% chose Kim Eun Sook as the # 1 author”.

As an author, Kim Eun Sook’s works have always been successful since she debuted. Kim Eun Sook’s successful works include ‘Lovers in Paris (2004)’, ‘On Air (2008)’, ‘Secret Garden (2011)’, ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity (2012)’, ‘Descendants of the Sun ( 2016)’, ‘Goblin (2017)’, and more.

The second position is taken by Kim Eun Sook’s friend, Kim Eun Hee. Kim Eun Sook’s works include ‘Sign (2011)’, ‘Phantom (2012)’, ‘Signal (2016)’ and others, her work has a different genre with Kim Eun Sook’s work and she gets the support from the audience as well.

Number 3 is occupied by Noh Hee Kyung by getting 13.9%. Writer Noh Hee Kyung writes a lot about reality so she gets a lot of sympathy and support from the audience.

The next place is occupied by writer Kim Soo Hyun with (12.8%), Park Ji Eun with (10.6%), and Hong Ja Mae with (7.7%).

Currently Kim Eun Sook is writing the drama ‘Mr.Sunshine’. ‘Mr.Sunshine’ is a drama sets in 1900 which tells about the Japanese colonization.

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