Lee Si Young and Kim Ok Vin Play As the ‘Female Stuntman’ in Action Drama

Action films are often considered to be only performed by male actors. But lately, a lot of female actresses are taking a role in action films. Not just rolling, but they also do other scenes such as breaking the wall, huddled from the car even from the top of the building. The scene makes their charisma radiated.

Image source: InStyle

 ◆ Lee Si Yong in the drama ‘Lookout’

Lee Si Yong in a Monday-Tuesday drama acts as a detective assistant who is suffering because of a criminal act.

In the drama, Lee Si Yong exudes a strong charisma as a homicide detective with a spectacular action.

Her acting also includes hanging on an active car and jumping on a construction of a building.

Image source: InStyle

◆ Kim Ok Vin in ‘The Villainess’

Kim Ok Vin suffered an injury after taking a role in an action film. In the movie ‘The Villainess’ Kim Ok Vin acts as a killer so she gets a lot of action scenes.

She is an actress who often suffers from bruising and bleeding. She has to undergo an evaluation for 61 to 70 times to get a perfect scene and show that she is a good performing Korean actress.

Kim Ok Vin officially got the 70th Cannes International Film Festival invitation. It’s a tribute to her efforts to achieve the kind of success that she has now.

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