Lee Soo Hyuk Is Confirmed to Play in ‘Sorry I Love You’

Actor Lee Soo Hyuk is confirmed to play in the drama ‘Sorry I Love You’.

One of the drama crews said, “Lee Soo Hyuk will play the lead role in the drama ‘Sorry I love You’ which will air on TBS Japan”.

Image source: ELLE

Lee Soo Hyuk plays the eldest son of a Korean organization by showing a charismatic figure in the drama. He specifically prepares for his performance in Japan.

The drama ‘Sorry I Love You’ was aired in Korea in 2004. The drama gained a 29.2% rating beating the drama ‘Winter Sonata’. This drama tells the story of So Ji Sub and Lim Soo Jung who lives in a miserable environment left behind by his birth mother and plans to look her up again. The drama is also about meeting with a woman that he loves, the drama is made in a melodrama genre.

This drama will be starring Japanese stars, Tomoya who will play as So Ji Sub and Riho Yoshioka who will play as Lim Soo Jung.

The drama will air in Japan in July.

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