Lee Si Young Announced Her Pregnancy and Wedding News

Actress Lee Si Young announced her marriage and revealed her pregnancy.

Image Source: MBC

On July 13, through her personal SNS, Lee Si Young announced, “I decided to marry the person I love this autumn. The reason why I suddenly set the wedding schedule because now I’m 14 weeks pregnant”. The wedding will be held on September 30th.

Image Source: MBC

“I realized when the drama was playing, I was very worried and scared. But I am grateful for the news. In the midst of a busy schedule, I do not know what to do and I can not tell anyone because I know it will ruin the drama. Until the end of the drama, I do not tell anyone other than my future husband”, she continued.

Lee Si Young also said, “Not easy for me shooting every night and doing action scenes while I’m pregnant. Because I’m not alone, I feel more daring to do the action scenes and those time despite difficult, it is a precious time for me”, depicting her satisfaction upon completing the filming.

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