Joo Won and Oh Yeon Seo Embark on Their Blooming Relationship

In Monday’s episode of ‘My Sassy Girl’, Gyun Woo and Putri Hye Myung looked for Min Yoo Hwan together.

That day, Gyun Woo confessed his feelings for Hyemyung. To protect Hyemyung, Gyun Woo was always willing to put himself at risk. At the end of the episode, Gyun Woo and Hyemyung found Min Yoo Hwan’s corpse, and Gyun Woo tried to soothe the Princess.

Image Source : SBS

Joo Won’s stunning acting can melt the hearts of viewers. If Joo Won’s character is able to impress and touched us, Oh Yeon Seo is able to express her desire of revenge perfectly.

Joo Won’s melodic and full-fledged acting is able to make us pound. Gyun Woo and Hye Myung eventually found Min Yoo Hwan, but he was already lifeless. At that moment, Gyun Woo tried to entertain Hye Myung. Gyun Woo removes Princess Hye Myung’s tears and showed a respectable manner by keeping her all night and stroking her shoulder so she could cry calmly.

Image Source : SBS

The two loving people’s performances have touched the hearts of the viewers and made them fell in love with Joo Won’s charm.

Image Source : SBS

Joo Won, with his gentle look and polite attitude, shows a new appearance as the new ‘King of Melo’. ‘My Sassy Girl’ airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10PM.

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