Kim Ji Won was Disgraced In Front of Her Father in ‘Fight for My Way’

Kim Ji Won displays a realistic acting as a daughter who was shamed in front of his father’s eyes in ‘Fight for My Way’.

Kim Ji Won plays Choi Ae Ra, a woman full of adorable appeal and honest attitude, who showcases the reality of child and parents’ relationship with Jeon Bae Soo (Choi Cheon Gab) in KBS 2TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama’ Fight for My Way ‘(20/6).

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In the drama’s 10th episode, Choi Ae Ra’s father willingly came to see her daughter become a festival MC with a sense of pride. However, the feeling immediately vanished because of Park Hye Ran’s sudden appearance, who replaced Choi Ae Ra as MC. Shocked to see her, Choi Ae Ra said, “What are you doing here?” then Park Hye Ran said, “I’m a bad person. I hate to see you happy.” then she snatched the mic in Choi Ae Ra’s hands. After that, Choi Ae Ra, who was previously chosen to become the event’s MC, was replaced by Park Hye Ran. All of this happened in front of Ae Ra’s father.

Image source: KBS

Choi Ae Ra then took his father away from the place. Sensing that his daughter was deeply ashamed because of what just happened, Ae Ra’s father took out the box of food that he brought and gave some money to Choi Ae Ra. “I don’t know why, but every time I see you, I want to cry. So just go quickly, Appa.” Choi Ae Ra said to his father. Her face was full of shame and guilt.

Choi Ae Ra tried not to cry in front of her father. “Next time, when I’m really performing on stage, you have to come.” Choi Ae Ra said. His father smiled and said, “Yes. When that happens, don’t forget to call me. I will come even though you are MC-ing in North Korea”. After his father left, Choi Ae Ra could not help but to cry again.

Image source: KBS

In this scene, Kim Ji Won perfectly showed the reality of children and parents’ relationship. Through Kim Ji Won’s emotional acting, Choi Ae Ra became a more well-fleshed character even in such difficult situation.

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