Lee Je Hoon’s Wish for His New Movie, ‘Anarchist from Colony’

King of rom-com Lee Je Hoon presented an extraordinary charisma as ‘Park Yeol’, a Joseon independence activist, in his new movie, ‘Anarchist from Colony’.

Image source: K STAR

“To be honest, even before I read the script, hearing the name of the director already made me happy. ‘Wow, I have the chance to work with director Lee Joon Ik!’ I thought.” Lee Je Hoon said about working with Lee Joon Ik. Lee Je Hoon revealed that Park Yeol is a difficult character to portray. “This character is quite difficult for someone with a capacity like me. In addition, there were many Japanese lines in the script. I once had doubts about playing this character. That’s why, even though I’m still lacking, my goal is to portray this character well.”

Image source: K STAR

“I really hope everyone who watch this movie will get the actual message from the story. I wish public can spare their time to know someone named ‘Park Yeol’, and I hope this movie will be accepted by public. Thank you,” said Lee Je Hoon about his wish for ‘Anarchist from Colony’.

‘Anarchist from Colony’, a movie full of Lee Je Hoon’s charisma, will be released on June 28.