How to Achieve a Clean Skin Like Suzy, IU, and Sulli

If we talk about ‘Korean National Sisters’, without a doubt, these women will be in our minds: Suzy, IU, and Sully.

It has been five years since they were crowned ‘National Sisters’, yet they have not changed. Their skin is still pure white and fresh. Let’s find out the Korean Representative Sisters’ skincare secrets!

Suzy – Cleansing

Image Source : 1st LOOK

Suzy is a woman who always attracts the attention of people around her wherever she goes. In an SBS program, Suzy introduces her cleansing method, which she calls ‘4-2-4 cleansing’.

Suzy uses cleansing oil to cleanse her skin. Cleansing oil is useful for cleaning pores and oils.

Rub it smoothly for 4 minutes. Let the oil work, so it can moisturize your chin, nose, cheeks, and forehead. After that, wash your face with a cleanser for 2 minutes. Make a lot of foam. Then, rinse with warm water for 4 minutes.

IU – Pack

Image Source : In Style

IU has clean and radiant skin. However, it takes efforts to have a skin like IU.

She uses pack as a way to keep her skin clean. In an SBS program, she revealed that she enjoys using pack. In addition, she diligently drinks water, which of course will make her skin healthier.

Sulli – Moisturize

Image Source : Love Cat

Sulli focuses on her skin’s health by treating it with water. In a KBS program, she said she did not use too much cosmetics during her day-offs to rest her skin. Not only that, she keeps her skin clean by not touching it. To keep her skin moist, she sprays mist onto her face as often as possible.

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