Go Hyun Jung and Son Ye Jin’s Way to Clean Their Face

When the skin becomes sensitive as the weather is being unfriendly, the first solution for our tired skin is to do some ‘Cleansing’. Clean the skin thoroughly from dirt and oil.

The actress who prides their honeylike skin reveals their knowledge of cleansing their face. The same point in the facial cleanser rule is ‘sincerity’. Actress Go Hyun Jung and Son Ye Jin will introduce a facial cleansing procedure.

How to clean the face in Go Hyun Jung’s style

Go Hyun Jung’s style of cleaning her skin is very famous. This became a topic of conversation when Big Bang Dae Sung introduced his regular skin care by attending a talk show led by Go Hyun Jung. “I’ve seen and followed Go Hyun Jung’s style of cleansing her face”, said Dae Sung while explaining the procedure.

Image Source: Marie Claire

The trick is to thoroughly clean the remaining dirt with a soaked towel while wiping every corner along the direction of the skin texture. Wash hands first before cleaning, clean the germs, and soak the face with warm water to open the pores. Next, take a cleanser, rub the foam onto the skin for 15 minutes while massaging the face.

It is important to keep our skin smooth compared to thinking just about our skin texture. Clean the area around the nose to prevent excess oil. In order not to irritate the skin, water is very important to use.

Son Ye Jin’s Steam Cleaning Method

When the face is full of dirt, clean the face more often than usual more than 2-3 times a week. Son Ye Jin introduced a steam cleaner that manages the keratin.

Image Source: Allure

‘Steam Cleaning Method’ is wiping the face with a steam towel, has an excellent effect on rough skin. After cleaning the face, place a warm towel on the face for 1 minute. With steam on the towel, it will lightly clean your face and open the pores.

After that massage the face, then use cold lemon water. Cold water helps to shrink pores while vitamin C ingredients in lemons will brighten the skin.