Im Si Wan to be Enlisted in the Military in July

Actor Im Si Wan is scheduled to perform his mandatory military duty on July 11th.

Image Source: Muine

On the 28th, Im Si Wan’s agency stated that Im Si Wan will be serving on Yangju Training Camp in Gyeonggi-do from July 11th. After undergoing military training at the training camp, Im Si Wan will be assigned to the military service and will be wearing the military uniform for 21 months.

Im Si Wan will continue his activities until the appointed time.

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Im Si Wan debuted as a singer incorporated in the idol group ‘Child of Emperor’ otherwise known as ZE:A. Then, he tried the acting world and became an actor. After taking a role in the drama ‘Moon Embracing The Sun’, Im Si Wan shows his quality as an actor in the movie ‘The Attorney’. Since then, he has also starred in the drama ‘Misaeng’, the film ‘A Melody to Remember’, ‘One Line’ and several other works. Im Si Wan is the first idol actor to appear on the red carpet of a film festival called ‘Cannes Film Festival’.

Even after completing the filming of a pre-production drama, ‘Kings Love’, Im Si Wan still has a very busy schedule.

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Although Im Si Wan will soon perform his military duty, his fans can still see his work through national tv. Im Si Wan’s latest drama titled ‘Kings Love’ will air soon in July through ‘MBC’ channel.

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