Kim Soo Ahn ‘Battleship Island’ Shows Her Love For Song Joong Ki

Kim Soo Ahn, the youngest actress of the movie ‘Battleship Island’ claimed to experience ‘Song Joong Ki fever’. Team ‘Battleship Island’ meets fans in the showcase event before the movie’s release. Similarly, fans give a strong and loud cheer to fill their hearts, and it can be heard by Song Joong Ki.

One of the film actresses ‘Battle Ship Island’ who understands the feelings of fans like this is Kim Soo Ahn. Kim Soo Ahn plays the daughter of Hwang Jung Min.

“But this kid prefers Song Joong Ki from me”, says Hwang Jung Min. Then Kim Soo Ahn applauds with Song Joong Ki once more. Kim Soo Ahn is one of Song Joong Ki’s fans for a long time.

I love Joong Ki oppa in the drama ‘Descendant of the Sun’. I liked it since he first appeared. Really love him. his profile, background, home screen and everything. I really happy meeting him”, Kim Soo Ahn explains when asked by the MC.

Kim Soo Ahn is really a loyal fan and makes other actors laugh. She says she cannot concetrate when acting with Song Jong Ki, but she is very comfortable with Hwang Jung Min, her dad in the movie. Hearing this, everyone laughs loudly.

The showcase section involving Kim Soo Ahn makes the other actors laugh. The movie ‘Battleship Island’ starring Hwang Jung Min, So Ji Sub, Lee Jung Hyun, Song Joong Ki and Kim Soo Ahn will be released on 26th July.