Falsify’ Script-Reading featuring Nam Gung Min, Jun Hye Bin, and Yu Jun Sang

SBS upcoming drama ‘Falsify’ has become a hot topic because of its ‘Dream Casting’, which consists of Namgung Min, Yu Jun Sang, Uhm Ji Won, Moon Sung Geun, and Jeon Hye Bin.

Image Source: SBS

Namgung Min plays Han Moo Young, a man who works as a journalist. This drama has a tragic storyline that raises high expectations from the audience.

The drama ‘Falsify’ is a comeback drama for Uhm Ji Won and Moon Sung Geun. Yu Jun Sang plays Lee Seok Min, the leader of Korean conservative media, Korean Daily News, while Uhm Ji Won who acts as Kwon So Ra.

Image Source: SBS

‘Falsify’ will portray the fierce life of journalists who are fighting to reveal the problem of social aberrations. The drama is scheduled to air on July 24th, replacing ‘My Sassy Girl’.

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